This is the spot where a boy makes his mark

June 27, 2019

Trying to figure out how to be a dad never stops. Each day you act the adult by making sure you go to work, pay the bills, do whatever needs tending to. And you realize there are young boys that are looking for your attention.

April 28, 2029

Dad, why are people getting sick? Why can’t I play outside with my friends? We’ve entered a new world these last few months. One that is still seeming like the “old” one but there seems to be an eeriness to because, well, people are staying inside their homes. This is what happens when a pandemic is among us. Our kids however (under a certain age) have a difficult time grasping this concept of “pandemic”. Irregardless whether you’re a boy or a girl, you want to see your friends. Maybe the only difference is that this “homebound” atmosphere is especially difficult for young boys. Full of energy, adventure-seeking, sport-playing, playing in the dirt natural predisposition is leaving them trapped like an animal that falls through a forest floor trap.

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A man’s journey into a life that is no longer his own. A blog to document the trials and tribulations, the failures and successes, the pains and joys of raising two boys. No instructions, no road maps, no books or videos, just a heart that is full of love, ready to give more and more.

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